2018 Vacancy for a Clinical Psychologist


We have a vacancy for a Clinical Psychologist or Clinical Registrar (supervision can be provided) for our very busy Psychological practice in Coffs Harbour.

We are a well established organisation in the middle of the CB in a beautifully decorated ground floor Clinic, in Stoker House. We have 5 Psychologist including both Clinical and Forensic, providing quality driven mental health services to the Coffs Harbour and regional areas. Our clientele ranges across the lifespan with a variety of mental health diagnoses.

If you wanted to join our fabulous team we would provide full administration support, rooms are fully furnished, all you need to do is walk in and see your patients. We are a dynamic team who work cohesively and inclusively, our interest is to provide the best support possible to our clients from a Psychological, Biological and Social perspective with a strong emphasis on multidiscipline case support.

We are finding that our client loads are increasing and we need to find a psychologist who will be a valuable addition to our team, either full-time or part-time.

If anyone is interested or require any more information we can be contacted on

02 66993820 or on info@apawc.com.au or our website www.apawc.com.au